International TaxationInternational Taxation

One of our core competencies is in the field of business, tax and accounting advice to foreign companies and investors. Both partners have strong professional records in the field of international accounting and taxation including amongst others professional stations in international tax and audit firms and academic degrees in international taxation.

We are familiar with the cross-border tax, accounting and payroll issues arising in the international context during the the start-up phase and in the ongoing business and we have already assisted various clients from other EU countries and overseas on their way into Germany. Partners and team are fluent in English and we have established an international network of experts who can help if questions outside the scope of German taxation will arise.

Tax Planning & StructuringTax Planning & Structuring

… are particularly relevant for foreign investors into Germany. Our advice covers all relevant fields such as the appropirate choice of the legal entity, the proper financing structure, WHT and transfer pricing questions, expatriate taxation and tax treaty related advice.

Professional advice in this area requires close co-operation with management and advisors on the other side of the border as an international tax structure is only appropriate if it covers the relevant aspects in all countries involved. We put strong emphasis on this important aspect of communication.

Accounting, Group Reporting and PayrollAccounting, Group Reporting and Payroll

… are the key administrative tasks to be completed by a business on a monthly basis.  Our accounting team stands ready to prepare your monthly accounts, VAT and payroll tax returns. On your request, we also take care of your group reporting within the time frame and in the reporting format you require.

For clients who have not yet set up their business in Germany, but have already hired the first members of their German-based staff, we manage the whole payroll inclusive of salary and tax payments through an escrow account.

Financial StatementsFinancial Statements

Also a foreign investor into Germany is obliged to obey German accounting standards and to set up his annual financial statements under German GAAP. He may additionally require an IFRS-based financial statemtent for purposes of information or for more technical reasons of consolidation.

We know that it is not always easy for a foreigner to unterstand the German accounting world. We have a good deal of experience in this area and are familiar with the typcial questions risen by our foreign clients with regard to accounting and taxation in Germany versus his or her home country.

Tax Returns for Companies and IndivdualsTax Returns for Companies and Indivduals

The preparation of annual tax returns for companies and individuals is part of our core business. In an international environment, particular questions will arise, mainly in relation to the application of tax treaties (WHT, capital gains taxation etc.), transfer pricing and business structure (sales versus commissionaire structure) or last not least in the field of expatriate taxation.

We are familiar with these questions. As a solution of all these problems requires a proper analysis from the other side of the border, we can provide you with assistance through our network of international partners or otherwise are happy to liaise with your advisers in your home country.

Representation before the Tax Authorities and before Tax CourtsRepresentation before the Tax Authorities and before Tax Courts

As Certified Tax Advisors, we are entitled to represent our clients in tax disputes before the tax authorities and also before tax courts.

In cases of dispute, we give you our open assessment of your chances of success and weigh the pros and cons of a legal procedure with you.

Our professional education with the Federal Tax Authorities has furnished us with a good understanding of procedural law and also with an idea of the mind set of a tax inspector or a tax judge.

Criminal Tax LawCriminal Tax Law

Of course, our main goal is to prevent our clients from all matters of criminal tax law. But the tax authorities may open a penal procedure in cases of suspicion. If so, our client needs competent criminal defence. We are entitled to act as crimial defence lawyers and can provide quick and effective assitance in this difficult situation.